The Relics of Endwell

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We begin walking to one of the points of interest the townsfolk mentioned to us. Upon arrival, we witness some ruins. The ruins were once an area that held pilgrims and other worshipers of the Deadwood God. Legend describes this location as where the Deadwood God began to influence the world.

We walk into the ruins after come across a set of four tents. Agan pretends his arm is hurt to draw the people out. There are four warriors that come to our aid. They are generally kind and inviting. Among them is Lara (10), Kirsten (6), Nadia (6), and Melina (17). Agan is taken back to the tent site with Alphonse. The rest of us follow, claiming to be from another party. We all agree to go hunt dome demons.

After walking through he necropolis, the air begins to get thick with an awful stench. A red, flying demon appears through the mist. Aya engages him in conversation in abyssal. He is friendly and tells us that he serves a powerful demon names Vilon. We tell the devil that we have sacrifices for Vilon and he takes us further into the ruins.

We enter the chamber of Vilon (4) and he has a sexy devil girl with him (20). Her name is Azelia. She is a fallen angel. After some discussion we tell Vilon that Balaam sent us here to kill him as we engage in combat. After we kill 3 guys over 2 hours the rest flee.

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We wake up and get a letter from Mr. Ward. It asks us to meet him and Balaam in Zabya. If not, it suggests we go to the Deadwood to grind some XP since Jeff won’t level us up. We speak with Headmaster Antonius briefly. We deiced to travel to the Deadwood to grind XP since we are not powerful enough to battle Balaam.

We travel to Tunica then the next day take a caravan to Hamel. The following morning we set out for Adwolf in the Dead Hills. After hours of travel we come across an ominous mansion-like building. A light is shining on the top floor but there is no noticeable beings on the premises.

We enter the building and as we walk up the stairs meet a man. He goes by the title Gabriel and serves a being names Hella. We ask to exchange words with Lady Hella. We are directed to a sitting area while Gabriel fetches Lady Hella. We are treated to food and dink as we wait.

A beautiful woman (17) walks down the stairs dressed in elegant, black robes. We ask to spend the night. Her wealth comes from her family who has lived in the house for 3 generations. She directs us to our rooms for the night.

WE summon 3 dogs to watch the doors but they don’t do anything for some reason. We are woken up in the middle of the night by Gabriel knocking on the door. We engage them in combat finding that Lady Hella and her servants are some kind of undead vampire. We defeat them with some trouble.

Aya burns “Lady Hella’s Grave” into the mansion and a tree in the yard. Then we leave toward Adwolf. We enter Adwolf. There are people wearing cloaks mumbling to themselves. We ask to speak with one of the shamans in town. We meet a woman named Tiris (12). We find that there is no military force or government in the Dead Hills (surprising, right?). Their religion keeps the peace. We sleep in the monastery for the night.


We venture past the runes and find a gathering of buildings that resemble the Azure Academy. We approach the gate. Agan sends his snake under the door and it doesn’t come back (classic). We open the door annd someone on the other side yells, “Who is there?”. Aya sends a hawk to look at the place. Alphonse, Cassandra and Maksim approach the gate. the doors. We say that we are from the Academy and they attack us.

We engage the enemies. They are all spell casters. The leader uses a special attack, Thousand Needles that dealt over 70 damage to a number of us. We kill 4 mages and leave their leader unconscious. Aya takes control of the leader with Klamrax’s Helmet. When we kill the mages they age 30 years. We find that this is a rival school and that they have the staff. After James learns some new spells, we kill Constantine.

We go into the school and search for students and teachers. We encounter another group of students and a teacher named Sophia.

We engage another group of teachers and students. Both Professor Artyom and Koo are with them. After a lengthy fight where we all got knocked unconscious at least once expect for Jack. We wake Koo and after asking him about the aging thing he turns into a fox. Yup, a fox. Then we wake up and we are in the snow with tents and dead bodies. We take the dead fox body back to the Academy.

To Be Titled
Yet to be edited

After going to the shrine to activate the relic we decide to go back to Mr. Ward. We go to Bell Hill. We tell them that Alam took control of people’s minds and forced them to kill people. We stay the night at Alice Town. We continue to Horizon West. We wait in line and tell the gate keeper we are diplomats coming to see Mr. Ward.

We meet Mr. Ward at the gate. We tell him that Alam brainwashed us and Gerrard but we were able to defeat him and get the relic. He has no further information on the staff in that Azure Academy. We are directed to speak with the lead of the Azure Academy, Antonius. We take to foot to May’s Landing.

We take to the desert to Dimeria. The city is home to humans and leonin. It has no local government and holds many thieves and outcasts. We go to the black market but have no use for livers or sex slaves. We go to the docks to see the pirates. Jack does not recognize any of them. Alphonse scans the exotic animals and fruits but find nothing interesting.

We go to highest grade tavern and meet a very unattractive woman (1) named Alexandra at the front door. She is from the Edge and expresses interest in joining us. We spend the night for 20 gold. Aya summons 3 dogs to guard the doors. We are woken by raiders attacking the inn. Because they are down men we go to help. Aa per usual the NPC fighters are useless and 2 of them die, only Alexandra survives. Aya decapitates the men who are from Jorra’s tavern. We sleep the remainder of the night and go to attack Jorra.

We arrive at the tavern and a fight breaks lose. We kill 6 minions. Aya and Agan sneak to Jorra’s room inside the tavern and kill him and take his loot. We find 200 gold and a gun. We leave to Wagon Mound and get there by the end of the day. We sleep for the night.

We pass through Tunica to Kross. We buy new clothes to stay warm in the frozen tundra. Alphonse continues his quest to spread the word of Joseph. Alexandra heads on her own way. We go to Bob’s house so Alphonse can say hi to him. Alphonse and Jack spend the night with Bob and the rest of us head to the tavern.

We go to Bard and enter the Azure Academy. Alphonse walks right by Antonious as he is introducing himself and knocks on his door. We speak with him for while about this strange scepter. It was kept in the academy for 100s of years and was used in ceremonies and as a weapon of the head master. 30 years ago it was stolen. There are rumors that a group of renegade mages took it.

Aya, Alphonse and Agan go to a rager college party for the night. Alphonse tries to pick up a girl but he gets slapped and a drink poured on him. Aya also can’t get a good hook up because she tries to hit on a straight girl and gets punched in the ovary. Agan hooks up with an attractive girl (13) but it gets no further than some tongue. We go to sleep.

The next day Agan and Alphonse are a little hung-over but can function fine. We attend a history class and speak with two students, Maksim and Cassandra, after the class and ask about the staff and the scepter. They let us know that rumors tell of a circle of students and teachers that took the staff and left to establish a rival school. They agree to join us going north tomorrow morning. We go to the library and compare yearbooks for changes of staff for the year the scepter was taken. There are 3 teachers who are missing from one year to the next. 2 males professors Artyom and Constantine and one female professor Sophia. The scepter is mentioned in some texts and it holds spells that can be used in combat.

Later that night Aya goes with Cassandra to a party. Agan wingmans for Aya but after going in for a kiss Cassandra walks away. Agan meets another hot chick (15) but she is uninterested because she has a boy friend. We spend another night in the dorms.

We awake and meet Cassandra and Maksim. We journey north into the snowy landscape. After searching for while we come across a giant stone with some markings on it. It is part of a force field that zaps anything that comes into contact with the rock. Agan is able to disable the force field. We find another rune and disable it. We find a third rune but cannot disarm it. After some work we disable it. We disable a fourth rune and suddenly, in the middle of the territory surrounded by the runes a number of structures appear.

The Price of Enlightenment
Even the brightest light casts a dark shadow

Demanding Answers

On our way to Horizon West we get a letter from Mr. Ward. He agrees to meet us and be more open about his operations.

We get to Horizon West. It is a massive city with 3 tiers of walls separating the capital. It is very rich and filled with merchants and civilized folk. We walk into the city and have to wait 20 minutes in a line and get to the front desk. The gatekeeper asks for our passports to enter. We tell him that we are foreign diplomats, which is why we have no passports and we ask for Mr. Ward. After an hour of waiting Mr. Ward shows up and gains us entry into the city.

We walk to Mr. Ward’s messy house. There are books and scrolls strewn everywhere. Taking a seat, we demand answers. We complain about our inability to find the relics and how a demon stole the only two we had discovered. He apologizes for the mysterious lead he gave us but promises he has a new, more concrete idea of where the relic in Greenwood is.

When questioned about the demon Balaam, he tells us that he also received a note from Balaam informing him of the stolen relics. After some talk we discover that the demon that stole the relics was not Balaam but a servant of the demon. Mr. Ward explains that he made a deal with Balaam to regain his youth many years ago. He signed a contract and he has no idea what the contract said. We learn Balaam was the one who told Mr. Ward about the relics originally and Balaam is the inside source who has given Mr. Ward the clues to the relics’ location. This new information makes us apprehensive about Mr. Ward’s alliance and intentions. Aya asks Mr. Ward about his wish, and he explains he wants to revive a dead lover.

We decide to go after the relic lead in Greenwood. Mr. Ward explains that it is in Rusk and is related to the recent plague in the city. We have a plan not to touch the relic so it cannot be stolen from us. After we locate the relic, we will keep it safely hidden so Balaam cannot take it from us. We also have an idea to put it in Yume’s bag but we are unsure if that will work. We put a log into the bag to test the theory (once we pull the log out we will know if normal objects can survive the magical backpack). We also hear of another possible lead in The Edge. We discuss what to do and agree to follow the lead of a relic in Rusk. Mr. Ward will stay here and write to Balaam, inquiring what he wants with the relics.

Hiding in Plain Light

The next morning we trade in our gems and stop by an enchantress shop but do not purchase anything. We leave for Rusk in search for Mr. Ward’s friend, Gerrard. It will take us two days to travel there. We walk to Chum’s Corner the first day. We leave abruptly and arrive in Rusk. We ask for Gerrard at the front gate and he guides us into the city. Gerrard is the military captain for Rusk. The city smells foul but apparently all the sick have died and been buried.

Gerrard explains that Mr. Ward told him to be on the look out for magical objects. He says that the plague was brought on by some magical item. He however has little insight into the location of this alleged object. He explains the city guards have been investigating the matter but have not turned up anything. He points a finger toward the worshipers of the Lord of Light, accusing them of bringing the plague onto the city. He directs us to their leader, Alam.

We plan to go undercover and tell Alam we are people who want to be converted to the Lord of Light. He is preaching to the cityfolk. We approach Alam and engage him in conversation. He is inviting and charming. We ask to join in their dinner tonight and he welcomes us with open arms. Thankful, we agree to stop at the Lord of Loght meeting house at 6:00. As we exit, we observe the guard treat him aggressively, forcing him out of the town center.

At 6:00 we go to the meeting. It is in the Lord of Light district, a poorer area of the city. We sit down at a table. After brief sermon, we begin dinner. Aya speaks with a villager named Stephanie who is a young, attractive (18) woman who was recently converted (4 months ago). Alphonse also speaks to follower, a man. We learn that the guards are nasty to them but the average city folk pay them little mind and the members themselves do not aggressively interact with non-followers. We also learn that the plague has killed some of their members.

The followers spend their days doing normal jobs and some attempt to convert others in the city. They remain in the city in hopes of spreading the word of the Lord of Light.

We go to speak to Alam. He explains how he was converted by a leonin in Elkrun. He felt motivated to go tell other humans about the Lord of Light and teach them the ways. He does not personally speak with The Lord, he just teaches The Lord’s wishes as dictated by the religious texts. Jack knows a bit about the religious book of the Lord of the LIght. It is similar to other religious texts; it is not abnormally violent of vengeful nor is it peaceful and passive. We ask Alam if we can join him in his daily tasks to further investigate him. He agrees.

We stay until the end of the feast. One of the followers, Jonathan, offers to let us stay in his home for the night. We make our way to Jonathan’s house late at night. We get attacked by a group of 10 zombie-like creatures. Jack unleashes a channel energy that hits all 10, confirming that they are indeed undead creatures. We defeat them and upon inspection they appear to be human. We sense magic on the bodies. Alphonse and Agan take a body to a doctor. The doctor is scared that the body is infected with the plague and will not let us in. Aya and Yume find a guard and show him to the site where we fought the zombies. The guard brings Gerrard to the scene. Gerrard tells us that this has been happening for a little while. He asks us to not tell others of the problem. We offer him our services and he says to meet him tomorrow.

We return to Jonathan’s home. He is surprised by our skill and thankful we are spending the night. He lives alone in a modest cottage.

Trust No One

We awake the next morning. Jack goes to meet Gerrard and the rest of to meet Alam. We follow Alam to the a man’s house to feed him soup because he is sick. Then Alam goes to the city center and begins to preach. We send Alphonse to get Gerrard to order his guards to be rough with Alam today. That way we cant protect Alam showing out devotion to him and hopefully to instigate a conversation about the aggression between the guards and teh Lord of the Light’s followers. Agan and Yume go other locations of preaching while Aya remains with Alam. Soon, Jack joins Aya and she informs him of the plan to get guards to attack Alam.

When Alphonse speaks with Gerrard, the captain says that he is ordering the arrest of Alam today and thus refuses to order the assault we desire. We go back to the center to observe the arrest. Alam is cuffed and lead to the meeting house. We speak to Gerrard and he does not let us join in the investigation. Upon asking to speak with Alam, Gerrard agrees. Aya and Alphonse go to speak with priest. We find that Alam does suspect that an arch priest named Stomas may been behind this. Stomas is the leader of the rival church, the Church of the Forest Gods.

We travel to the meeting house to speak with the Light members. The guards have blocked off the area. We talk to some followers and let them know we spoke to Alam and that he told us tat everything will be OK and not to worry.

We head to the church of the Forest Gods to speak with Stomas. We attempt to subtly imply that he had a part in the arrest. He admits to helping but plays innocent to having a major influence. We go to Gerrard and ask him to search the Church of the Forest Gods. He says he will think about it. We return to Jonathan’s house to spend the night.

The next morning, we go to the barracks to meet with Gerrard. He informs us that Alam will be executed today. Cofused, we question what he found to implicate Alam. Gerrard tip-toes around the question and claims that they found hard evidence that Alam enacted the plague on the city. We become more impatient with Gerrard and demand answers. He is unwaering. We suspect he is hiding something from us. Yume tries to intimidate him, but upon drawing his sword, slips and falls. Gerrard sternly asks us to leave.

Red Tuesday

Suspecting Stomas, we go to the church of the Forest Gods. No one is there. We decie to wait until the mid-day and attend the execution. It is held in the town center and hundreds of citizens attend. Yume sneaks behind Stomas and holds him with the sword at his throat. We demand answers or his life is over. He denies knowledge. We tell to Gerrard to stop the execution and give us answers or people will die. Gerrard admits that they are killing Alam just because he is preaches a religion that is from a foreign land.

Yume slits Stomas’ throat. A fight breaks out. We kill the guards and take Alam and Gerrard hostage. After interrogating them we learn nothing. We tie them up and parade them through town, yelling at the townsfolk. We threaten that if no one comes forth with knowledge of the plague, we will begin to kill.

One man approaches us. He tells us that Stomas had something weird and magical. We make him take us to the church where the item is. We enter the room to find an office crowded with stuff. There are three doors. We go to the first room, it has gold that we take. The second room has an operating table with human corpses. The humans are cut open and organs are missing. Jars filled with organs and remains line the room. We search the room for notes about necromancy. Reading, we discover that it requires some kind of magic o reanimate the living, but does not detail anything specific.

We enter the third room to find 3 pedestals with collapsed creatures on them. They are extremely large, ghoul-ish monsters. There is also a goblet in the room. Approaching the creatures we find that they are dead. We have Gerrard carry the goblet out of the tunnel. We kill Alam and Gerrard on the basis that they have seen too much.

We tell the people in town that we were under the evil magic of Alam and he forced us to save him from execution. We say that Gerrard broke Alam’s spell. Alam killed Gerrard but then we avenged him and now both are dead. After apologizing profusely Yume throws poisonous mushrooms into the city water system to try and kill people who know our faces. We leave the town with the goblet. We take it to the a shrine it glows blue. We have found a relic.

Lost in the Sand

We exit the cave in Mountain Road and head to Eagle River late at night. After arriving, we sleep at the town inn.

We wake up the next morning and listen to conversations at the inn. After overhearing two men talking about transporting goods across the desert we offer our services to them. The men (cat-men to be specific), Steven and Gerald, hire us for 60 gold. We spend the rest of the day investigating the town. Our only stop of note was at the blacksmith were we purchased Jack a new shield with a pirate design. We spend the night at the local inn. Aya sends a hawk to Horizon West that has a note for Mr. Ward that reads " We are lost, send help. And cookies."

We wake and meet Steven and Gerald. We begin our travel across the Endless Desert. About half way through the group decides to spend the night. Aya summons a wolf and hawk to survey the area while we rest. During the middle of the night the wolf and hawk begin wake us with barking and screeching. We leave our tents and find a group of 6 bandits on our camp site. Combat erupts. We kill 5 of them and capture the last one. We interrogate him and as per usual, we find out nothing. We see a creepy goblin demon coming out from Aya and Yume’s tent. It leaves a note. The note reads:

“Balaam thanks Mr. Ward for his services.”

We notice the crown and ring are missing. Disheartened and outraged we leave Steven and Gerald, heading towards Mr. Ward (at least where we think he is, Horizon West) to kick his ass.

Into the Cave
Bats and Ogres and Goblins Oh My!

We travel to the city of Rusk. They are still closed due to plague and do not let us in. We get a letter form Mr. Ward telling us not to come and see him and to continue our investigation.

Alphonse eats a plant and learns photosynthesis.

We go to Rand and tell them about Highland Heights. We spend the night.

The next morning we head out to Oakdale to inquire on how far the goblin invasion has spread. The town is full of cat people known as leonin and they have yet to see any goblins. After talking with more useless villagers we head to Mountain Road.

As we arrive at Mountain Road. The village is deserted and we hear noises coming from a mine shaft. After some disagreement about how to proceed we send in Agan’s snake. It does not come back. We travel into the cave to investigate. About 100 yards in we encounter four dire bats and a fight ensues. We defeat the monsters with minimal injury.

We continue walking into the mine. We travel down another path and fight a cave ogre. We move on to more paths fighting two more dire bats. Yume has begun to amass a small army of undead warriors from the Wretched Scythe.

We move further into the cave to find a goblin camp. We fight a group of goblins and their wargs. We kill them and their leader, Grizz, after he informs us that the goblins are in the area merely for gold and they are attacking now because “no one would expect it”.

Klamrax's Helmet
Item Description

Klamrax’s Helmet (This helmet holds two charges per day, allowing for the mind control of one animal or humanoid creature. Mind control lasts 1 round per level or 1 hour per level outside of combat to a maximum of 5. The user can only establish control if they have a shared language with the target and unless they make themselves immobile they do not receive sensory input from the controlled creature. If the target is unwilling they will have a will save of DC 15, DC 13 for humanoids, repeated each round/hour if they are initially controlled successfully. The user and the target’s eyes will become milky and lose color while control is being exercised. Only one creature can be controlled at a time.)

Mystery in the North
What's worse, an agressive goblin or a useless villager?

We awake to find that Sakura has gone missing. We are unaware of where she went as she did not even leave a note. Despite our confusion, we know that we must continue looking for the Relics in Greenwood.

We travel to Hinsdale in search of the magic Mr. Ward informed us about. Along the way meet up with two individuals, a pirate named Jack and a sorcerer named Agan. They were also contacted by Mr. Ward but did not make it to the original meeting. He sent them to meet up with us. We introduce ourselves and learn about our new teammates. We are relieved that Mr. Ward gathered more warriors do accomplish this endeavor, especially after losing Sakura.

On the path the Hinsdale we encounter a wild stag who indicates that a magic is to the west of the town. We enter the town. We ask the ugly waitress (hotness 2), Helga, about the latest scoop around town. She tells us that goblins have been invading the nearby towns. We spend the night planning to hunt down some goblins in the morning.

We wake up and meet a hunter named Gregory that mysteriously knows about us. We go to his cabin, fighting a pack of wolves along the way. He tells of an outpost that we travel to. We arrive there to fight some wargs and goblins.

We then move to Falkland to find it destroyed an abandoned. We camp there for the night. Aya sends out a hawk to scout the nearby towns during our slumber. We wake to find that Oak Brook is destroyed and Rand is inhabited.

We travel to Rand to discover that the people of Falkland have come here for refuge. We talk to more villagers who are cooperative yet hold minimal useful information. They tell us that the capital of the region, Rusk, is blockaded due to a plague.

We then make our way to Highland Heights. We arrive to see more villagers. They tell us of recent attacks by goblins. Soon after, a small group of goblins and their wargs raid the town. We kill them with relative ease and steal the magic helmet of their leader. We learn the helmet grants the ability to control the minds of humans and animals. Alphonse is given the crown to carry and use after his pleading.

A New Beginning
A Party is Formed

Our party meets Mr. Ward in the Axeman’s Mug and he informs us about the Relics of the Forest Gods. We all introduce ourselves. THe party consists of Sakura the cleric, Ayaka the druid, Alphonse the wizard and Yume the fighter. After some questioning and discussion we learn that if we gather all 12 Relics we will each be granted any wish. Although skeptical at first, we (begin to) believe him after he hands us a magic ring. He then informs us of a possible relic, a crown, in Old Tappan located in a king’s tomb. Curious, we make our way to the village.

Upon arriving in Old Tappan we ask around the poor and unimpressive village about the burial site. We journey to the tomb of the ancient king, Elrer. After defeating skeletons (with Sakura and Yume carrying) we retrieve his crown. We detect no magic on the object but as we travel to a God’s shrine, both the shrine and the crown glow blue and shoot a beam of light into the sky.

Alphonse puts a poisonous frog up his ass, makes out with a diseased rat and eats a corpse.

After a week we meet Mr. Ward back in East Burke. We show a fake crown to Mr. Ward. He assumes it’s real (or at least does not question its authenticity). He then tells us about a strange magic near Hinsdale. He advises us to investigate the issue as he returns to Horizon West.

We travel to West Burke and Yume throws a party with the case of moonshine he recovered from his backpack. We then set out for to Hinsdale, some of us with headaches from the previous night (Aya and Sakura).


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