Ayaka Hitomi

Human female druid with distinctive eyes.


Physical Description

Ayaka Hitomi translates to “flower pupil”. This name was given to her because of her uniquely beautiful eyes. Her iris is a light blue and her pupil is shaped like flower petals. The only other person in her village with this trait was her grandmother who passed away on her birthday, only moments before she was born. The legends of he village speak of the trait as a mark of not only extreme beauty but intellect and spirit. It is said that the affected will be able to see with the wisdom of all the generations before her who possessed this trait.

Ayaka has short, light brown hair and is tall for a human female (5’ 7’’). She has a slender, athletic figure and is very attractive (16).


She is normally calm but can be rash in her decision making. Once she identifies a solution that fits her liking it is hard for her to waver from that decision. She believes there is also a “right” answer and that she can always find it if given enough time. While she strives to find the “right” answer, once she believes she has found it, she can become blind to other solutions.

She is generous and gentile. Wanting to help others, Ayaka is rarely selfish and seeks to understand the thoughts and feelings of those around her. She enjoys the company of others and is a natural leader. She constantly seeks admiration from those around her and although her intentions are pure and good, she is not completely altruistic and seeks recognition for her efforts.

Though typically level-headed and collected she can become angry when she doesn’t understand something or when someone does not understand her. She want to be right and hates to be wrong or to be called out for doing something incorrectly.

She is self-assured but a little arrogant at times. It makes her a good leader in that she can be decisive and confident in her choices. However, overestimating herself can backfire. She tends to hold herself to a high standard and she expects more of herself than others.


Ayaka, or Aya for short was born in the spring on the day her grandmother passed away. Her home village is know as Koi River Village because not only does the Koi River pas directly through the town but it creates a pond in the village which the koi use as breeding grounds in the spring. Naturally many villagers are fisherman and use the koi as food and product to sell.

Aya lives with her mother, father and two sisters. Her older sister is named Natsumi. She is five years older than Aya. She lived with her newlywed Takahiro. Then planned of starting a family and Natsumi become pregant. However, she passes away giving birth to a son named Isamu. Aya was very close with Natsumi. They would play together as children, Natumi taught her about the wilderness as she was a druid too. Natsumi was more than a role model but a best friend. Despite their age difference they got along extremely well and learned from each other. Natsumi’s death has taken a large toll on Aya. Her younger sister, Yukiko, is three years younger than Aya. She has also been effected by the death but was not as close with Natsumi.

Ayaka Hitomi

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