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The Relics of Endwell

The Relics of Endwell is a story arch that involves a group of young heroes and their quest to retrieve ancient, magical items known as relics. Legend dictates that the Forest Gods will grant wishes in exchange for all 12 relics. The band warriors begin to transverse the country of Endwell, battling various monsters and men in their search for the relics.

Endwell was created thousands of years ago by powerful spirits. Today, these spirits are recognized as the Forest Gods. They continue to survey the land and its inhabitants. Although they are not physical beings, their influence directly impacts Endwell.

The History of Endwell

In the 1st Age, man and beast had yet to walk to earth. Only spirits and extra-planer beings existed on the barren land. It was these spirits that began to breathe life into every country across the globe, each with its own energy and purpose. It is through the variety of spirits that we have come to know the vast diversity in the world’s landscape and organisms. However, four spirits all ventured into Endwell. They began to battle for control, eventually all settling in different areas now refereed to as the Four Great Forests.

The spirits, each with different life energy, forged four distinct forests. Vitar, a spirit infused with pride, curiosity, and obstinacy created a taiga with beasts of vitality and honesty. This is known as the Greenwood. Mortez, a dark spirit filled with greed, ambition and persistence created an evil forest filled with organisms that reflected his pain and determination. This is known as the Deadwood. Beastiak, a spirit of passion, ferocity, and mystery constructed a land of wild magic teeming with savage creatures. This is know as the Spiritwood. And Antiquel, an aged spirit of wisdom, discipline and authority crafted woods of primeval flora and fauna seen nowhere else in the world. It is known as the Ancientwood.

After the four spirits injected their life energy into the land, plants and animals began to arise. Eventually the forests were home to thousands of species. It wasn’t until the 3rd Age that humanoid creatures ventured into the country. They listened to the stories of the native animals and learned of the spirits that crafted the land. Through time, the stories morphed the spirits into Gods and their names were altered to reflect the common tongue labels for the forests they created. Now the spirits are know as the God of the Greenwood, the God of the Deadwood, the God of the Spiritwood and the God of the Ancientwood.

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