The Relics of Endwell


We venture past the runes and find a gathering of buildings that resemble the Azure Academy. We approach the gate. Agan sends his snake under the door and it doesn’t come back (classic). We open the door annd someone on the other side yells, “Who is there?”. Aya sends a hawk to look at the place. Alphonse, Cassandra and Maksim approach the gate. the doors. We say that we are from the Academy and they attack us.

We engage the enemies. They are all spell casters. The leader uses a special attack, Thousand Needles that dealt over 70 damage to a number of us. We kill 4 mages and leave their leader unconscious. Aya takes control of the leader with Klamrax’s Helmet. When we kill the mages they age 30 years. We find that this is a rival school and that they have the staff. After James learns some new spells, we kill Constantine.

We go into the school and search for students and teachers. We encounter another group of students and a teacher named Sophia.

We engage another group of teachers and students. Both Professor Artyom and Koo are with them. After a lengthy fight where we all got knocked unconscious at least once expect for Jack. We wake Koo and after asking him about the aging thing he turns into a fox. Yup, a fox. Then we wake up and we are in the snow with tents and dead bodies. We take the dead fox body back to the Academy.



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