The Relics of Endwell


Yet to be edited

We wake up and get a letter from Mr. Ward. It asks us to meet him and Balaam in Zabya. If not, it suggests we go to the Deadwood to grind some XP since Jeff won’t level us up. We speak with Headmaster Antonius briefly. We deiced to travel to the Deadwood to grind XP since we are not powerful enough to battle Balaam.

We travel to Tunica then the next day take a caravan to Hamel. The following morning we set out for Adwolf in the Dead Hills. After hours of travel we come across an ominous mansion-like building. A light is shining on the top floor but there is no noticeable beings on the premises.

We enter the building and as we walk up the stairs meet a man. He goes by the title Gabriel and serves a being names Hella. We ask to exchange words with Lady Hella. We are directed to a sitting area while Gabriel fetches Lady Hella. We are treated to food and dink as we wait.

A beautiful woman (17) walks down the stairs dressed in elegant, black robes. We ask to spend the night. Her wealth comes from her family who has lived in the house for 3 generations. She directs us to our rooms for the night.

WE summon 3 dogs to watch the doors but they don’t do anything for some reason. We are woken up in the middle of the night by Gabriel knocking on the door. We engage them in combat finding that Lady Hella and her servants are some kind of undead vampire. We defeat them with some trouble.

Aya burns “Lady Hella’s Grave” into the mansion and a tree in the yard. Then we leave toward Adwolf. We enter Adwolf. There are people wearing cloaks mumbling to themselves. We ask to speak with one of the shamans in town. We meet a woman named Tiris (12). We find that there is no military force or government in the Dead Hills (surprising, right?). Their religion keeps the peace. We sleep in the monastery for the night.



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