The Relics of Endwell


Yet to be edited

We begin walking to one of the points of interest the townsfolk mentioned to us. Upon arrival, we witness some ruins. The ruins were once an area that held pilgrims and other worshipers of the Deadwood God. Legend describes this location as where the Deadwood God began to influence the world.

We walk into the ruins after come across a set of four tents. Agan pretends his arm is hurt to draw the people out. There are four warriors that come to our aid. They are generally kind and inviting. Among them is Lara (10), Kirsten (6), Nadia (6), and Melina (17). Agan is taken back to the tent site with Alphonse. The rest of us follow, claiming to be from another party. We all agree to go hunt dome demons.

After walking through he necropolis, the air begins to get thick with an awful stench. A red, flying demon appears through the mist. Aya engages him in conversation in abyssal. He is friendly and tells us that he serves a powerful demon names Vilon. We tell the devil that we have sacrifices for Vilon and he takes us further into the ruins.

We enter the chamber of Vilon (4) and he has a sexy devil girl with him (20). Her name is Azelia. She is a fallen angel. After some discussion we tell Vilon that Balaam sent us here to kill him as we engage in combat. After we kill 3 guys over 2 hours the rest flee.



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